How Snaptrude compares to SketchUp.

Snaptrude understands the complexities of architectural design, and simplifies the process of converting a conceptual sketch into a BIM model.

Why Snaptrude over SketchUp?

Faster conceptualization

Snaptrude's intuitive interface and powerful modeling tools make it easy for you to quickly create and iterate on design ideas.

Real-time data analysis

Get real-time insights into the performance of the designs in terms of cost, compliance, and sustainability.

Collaborate together

Ensure everyone is on the same page by sharing models between architects, interior designers, and other stakeholders in real-time.

Real-time collaboration
Powerful and intuitive design tools
Automation - Massing models to details
Built-in libraries
BOQs and Area Statements
Web-based accessibility
Share with a direct link
3D Render
Dimensional freedom
Interoperability with Revit

Real-time collaboration

Collaborate in real-time with stakeholders and manage your project on any device or browser.

Smart Labels

Snaptrude assigns complex properties to a. spaces like height, appearance, and furniture placements, all automatically.

Smart Spaces

Simplify your massing to BIM journey by designing with spaces, rather than lines and walls.

Automated BoQs

Snaptrude generates accurate BoQs in real-time as you make design changes.

Interoperability with Revit

Import from Revit, AutoCAD, SketchUp, or Rhino. Export directly into Revit without any data loss.

Be efficient with Snaptrude

Parametric families

Make changes to components across the model easily by changing the object parameters.

Work in plan view

Snaptrude lets you switch between 2D and 3D views, so you don’t spend time navigating through the model.

Add comments

Managers, clients and colleagues can drop comments on any element of the model, allowing you to ask for feedback, resolve design decisions and ask for sign-offs.

Design better buildings together.