For Architects

The fastest way to turn your ideas into BIM models.

Create flawless designs in record time by using our automations and collaborating seamlessly with your team.

For projects of all sizes.


Design and build large commercial spaces with automation and generative design with room for customizations as per local regulations, without ever leaving Snaptrude.


Automated storey creation & area calculation give you the best saleable area to common ratio while always having data on hand, thanks to automated BIM.


Go from hand-drawn sketches to beautiful concept designs in a click and enjoy an extensive library of furniture.

Made for professional teams.

In-house Collaboration

Ensure everyone is on the same page by sharing models between architects, interior designers, and other stakeholders in real-time.

Faster workflows

Snaptrude is an intuitive and intelligent BIM tool empowering architects with data-driven insights for quick decision making.


Import from AutoCAD, SketchUp, Rhino & Revit and export directly into Revit, with complete parametric family information.

"Snaptrude is a new, parametric, cloud-based BIM modeling package attempting to give Revit and other established BIM tools a run for their money."

Martyn Day

A modern feature set that saves you time.

Smart Spaces

Simplify your massing to BIM journey by designing with spaces, rather than lines and walls.

Parametric Design

Snaptrude automatically edits your models parametrically based on spatial changes you make.

Intelligent BIM

No need to set up properties each time with auto BIM, Smart Storeys, Sketch to BIM, and other automations.

Design better buildings together.