For Contractors

Collaboration and real-time budgeting for projects of all scales.

Leverage the power of automation and collaborative design to consistently deliver projects on time and within budget.

For projects of all sizes.

New Builds

Collaborate in real-time with stakeholders and manage your project on any device, from anywhere in the world.


With Generative design, Automated Sketch to BIM, Smart Labels, Auto Interiors & more, Snaptrude makes your workflow 10x faster.


Keep track of BoQs and the associated budget from early designs to the actualization stage of the design process.

Made for professional teams.

In-house Collaboration

Ensure everyone is on the same page by sharing models between architects, interior designers and other stakeholders in real-time.


Customize calculations based on city regulations and build compliance-ready designs.

Manage costs

A comprehensive BoQ for all aspects of development, such as structure, finishes, fenestration, and more.

"Snaptrude is a new, parametric, cloud-based BIM modeling package attempting to give Revit and other established BIM tools a run for their money."

Martyn Day

A modern feature set that saves you time.

Automated BoQs

Snaptrude generates accurate BoQs in real-time as you make design changes.

3D Render

Engage your clients by walking them through a high-definition 3D render of your model right inside the browser.

Extensive Furniture Library

Snaptrude offers an extensive library of furniture that can be customized to best represent your design style.

Design better buildings together.