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The genesis of Snaptrude lies in Altaf Ganihar’s quest for solving some of the biggest hurdles that Architects face during the design stage. After meeting a myriad group of architects and designers he was surprised to find how fragmented and tedious the existing design process is. Most astonishing for him was the realization that the Architects have somehow learned to live with the way things are! With offices in New York and Bangalore and more than 40 team members, Snaptrude today is the leading company in the building design SaaS industry.

Snaptrude provides a web-based collaborative building design tool that offers real-time collaboration and data insights on budget, compliance, and climate considerations. It enables real-time multi-user collaboration for designing buildings in 3D and generates real-time feedback on building cost, compliance, and climate studies, to help drive more informed design decisions. Users can see the impact of small design changes as they go: extend the size of a room and instantly see the impact on the budget, local compliance, or even climate.

Used by industry leading building design firms

“Snaptrude is the first truly collaborative building design platform. It has changed the way the industry works together.”

Altaf Ganihar
CEO & Founder

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