March 18, 2024


Revamped Dashboard

What's in this post?

The new dashboard design feels professional & refined, aligning to Snaptrude’s design language. The user is guided with clear display and hierarchy of information allowing them to create and find whatever required as quickly as possible.
-Spoorthi Narayan, Product Specialist

What’s New

We have unveiled a new, stylish look to the Snaptrude Dashboard for an enhanced user experience. The new features, like global search and structured navigation let you make and find things more efficiently. We've also split personal and team dashboards for better team control.

Why did we change the UI?

Our customers shared that the previous dashboard design was hard to navigate due to the density and accessibility of the information.

The goal of the redesign was to simplify navigation and bring consistency to the design language. We implemented global search, structured navigation, more consistent page headers and actions bars. We separated personal and teams dashboards, and streamlined the management of teams.

What We’ve Improved

The main highlights from the improved dashboard are:

  • Global search
  • Decluttering the sidebar
  • Pop-up modals for confirming Delete
  • Updated design for bread crumbs

The Top Bar

The top bar on the main screen consists of 3 components: the search bar, The notifications and the profile. The notifications and profile button have been moved from the navigation bar on the left from the old design to the top in the new design.

This bar will remain constant on the main screen irrespective of the page the user is on in the dashboard.

1. The Search bar: The search bar, prominently positioned at the top of the screen, allows you to quickly find projects and folders by typing their names, with relevant results displayed in the search section and the option to view all related items on a dedicated search page.

2. Notifications: The notification icon has been relocated next to the profile icon for improved visibility and reduced clutter, displaying new notifications with a red dot indicator, and allowing users to directly accept team invitations, view role changes, shared files, and project comments.

3. Profile: The profile icon, located next to the notifications icon, provides access to essential settings: Account details for managing profile settings, Subscription Plans leading to Snaptrude's pricing page, and Log out for user logout from Snaptrude.

The Side bar

The sidebar is structured into 3 categories:

1. Main Workspace

  • Personal Workspace: Access existing or create new folders/projects.
  • Templates: Access or create templates for projects.
  • Shared with Me: Access projects shared with the user.

2. Teams

  • Projects: Access and manage projects within teams based on roles.
  • Templates: Create or view templates within a team.
  • Libraries: Manage materials, doors, windows, and furniture.
  • Settings: Manage team members, roles, and permissions.

3. Help

  • Redirects to the Snaptrude help portal for assistance and guidance.