March 13, 2024


Section Planes

What's in this post?

The Section Plane Tool lets you cut and edit sections through your models in both 2D and 3D, enhancing Snaptrude’s  intuitive design capabilities. This feature will allow you to visualize and present sectional views with a greater ease.

-Shamanth Thenkan, Product Specialist

What’s New

Section Plane Tool

We are excited to introduce a highly sought-after feature, the Section Plane Tool!

The Section Plane Tool allows you to create vertical sections through your models with a single click. This new addition is designed to work in both 2D and 3D views. Additionally, it offers the functionality to move, rotate, and flip section planes, enabling precise control over your model's sectional view.

For convenience, each section you create is saved under the views tab, making it easy to access and save sectional views of your project.

Placing Section Planes

Select the Section Plane tool from the Views tab in the top menu bar.

  • Placing section planes in 2D: Section planes auto orient to be parallel to the closest wall in 2D. Click to place the section plane.
  • Placing section planes in 3D: Hover over the object face along which you want to cut the section. Click to place the section plane.

Viewing and Managing Sections

Automatic 2D Views: Placing a section plane automatically saves a 2D orthographic view for it in the Views tab.

Interactive Views Tab: Each section plane is associated with a dedicated view. These views can be used for the navigation, renaming, deletion, and modification of section planes.

Editing Section Planes

Edit section planes with a comprehensive suite of functions, functional in both 2D and 3D:

  • Move
    • Move the section plane by snapping onto any of the corners and dragging it along the desired direction.
  • Rotate
    • Rotate the section plane by snapping on to the bottom corners of the plane.
    • Rotation is locked along the XY plane.
  • Flip
    • Flip the section plane by either using the Flip tool from the design tab or by double clicking on the section plane.
  • Delete
    • Delete the section with either a delete button at the bottom of the canvas or by pressing delete on your keyboard.
  • Show / Hide
    • Use the show or hide button to quickly toggle between the section and default views.
  • Lock / Unlock
    • After placing a section plane, use the lock button to disable users from making any edits to it.

Other fixes

  • You can now copy and paste PDFs from one project to another.
  • Fixed an issue where changing the wall type on the canvas would enlarge the wall instead of changing it correctly.
  • Fixed an issue where changing the label of a mass from "Default" to "Water Body" and back to "Default" was leaving the resultant "Default" text positioned lower, with the mesh position not being updated accordingly.
  • Fixed an issue where the project would crash after adding a new furniture category and selecting the furniture icon.