March 1, 2024


Fixes: UI, Drawing and Importing

What's in this post?

In recent weeks, we have addressed key issues to make day-to-day operations smoother and easier. From interface enhancements for better accessibility to improving drawing and editing features, we're committed to providing a smoother experience.
-Spoorthi Narayan, Product Specialist

With this release, we've made changes to improve the readability of the UI, and addressed a number of critical issues- to ensure a better user experience:

Usability and Interface Improvements

  • In the Export tab, the “Export BoQ” has been renamed to “Export Material Take-off” & “Export Detailed BoQ” has been renamed to “Export Itemised Material Take-Off”.
  • Exported Material Take-Offs and Itemised Material Take-Offs now contain details of Furniture, Doors & Windows.
  • The project name field in the Save As tab is now full length for improved readability.
  • The Request Sign Off window now displays the project name for clarity.
  • Fixed an issue where deleting the first comment and then adding a new comment would label the newly added comment as 2 instead of 1.
  • Turning on Shadow Analysis now defaults the view style to 'Hidden Line.
  • The 'Detect from Image' button has been removed from the Automation tab.
  • Fixed an issue causing a mass to be measured as ‘0’ after the project settings were set to ft-in.
  • Clicking on Plans under the profile tab now redirects users to Snaptrude’s pricing page.

Drawing and Editing

  • Fixed an issue where drawing a void on a slab, and re-opening the Draw tab left the Slab option selected but created a space type object.
  • Storey copying walls no longer causes base offset issues.
  • You can now select or deselect objects on a particular storey using the Select button on the storey tab.
  • Rotating a wall now correctly rotates doors for all project collaborators.
  • When changing a Space object type to Ceiling, and clicking on Undo, the object would not return to its original position. This has been fixed.

Imported Files

  • Users can now move CAD files on-canvas in 3D.
  • Fixed an issue where rotated CAD, PDF and Image files would return to their default position after deleting them and clicking on Undo.
  • Fixed an issue where uploaded image files would disappear after deleting and undoing in monochrome view.
  • Scaling a PDF correctly places the scale on the PDF instead of an image imported on a different storey.


  • Fixed an issue where changing the height of an object and then changing its label would result in the height of the object also changing.
  • Fixed an issue causing a Space type object to change its position after undoing a label change and refreshing the project.
  • Updating the label of a mass from Swimming pool to Master bedroom would cause the mass to become transparent. This has been fixed.

Autosave Errors

  • Flipping an image in X or Z direction no longer triggers an autosave error.
  • Deleting a construction item for Floors from the Object Properties and undoing no longer triggers an autosave error.