February 12, 2024


Fixes: Autosave, Undo and Labels (2)

What's in this post?

In continuation to the previous release, we've addressed a number of critical issues, ensuring a seamless workflow and a better user experience:


  1. Vertical movement of images, CAD, and PDF files across storeys no longer triggers autosave errors; vertical movement functionality has been disabled for these file types temporarily.
  2. Fixed an issue where objects on the canvas would return to their original position after moving them and refreshing the project.
  3. Fixed an issue where the project would crash when a user tried clicking on space object type after trying to draw a free form wall.
  4. Closing a tab no longer triggers unnecessary "Changes may not be saved" pop-ups.
  5. Rotation after a marquee selection of furniture and undo no-longer triggers autosave errors.


  1. After splitting a labeled mass and undoing it, the mass now remains in its original position.
  2. Fixed an issue where updating a label to site, undoing and then redoing would bring back the site label without the default material.
  3. Fixed an issue where Undo failed if a wall was edited through the object properties and not deselected.
  4. Changing the storey height value and clicking on undo would not revert the storey height. This has been fixed.

User Interface Enhancements:

  1. Labels: After updating the label of a mass, the label name in the object properties now displays correctly instead of showing "zero.”
  2. Material Selection: The Material menu now retains the user's previous selection when re-opened, preventing loss of selection when navigating between storeys.
  3. 2D/3D Toggle: Toggling to 2D after changing the wall thickness and height in 3D now preserves the set values instead of resetting to default values.
  4. Furniture Selection: The "Replace with" option is now displayed for all selected furniture pieces, ensuring consistent behavior regardless of the number of selections made.
  5. Staircase Selection: After moving a staircase, it now automatically deselects when another staircase is selected.
  6. Draw: When drawing a column on top of flooring, the visualizer now displays above it, preventing it from being hidden.
  7. Autocomplete: Auto-completion of a mass now functions correctly, preventing the drawn mass from disappearing.
  8. Dashboard: Clicking on the project dropdown now displays options with an increased selection threshold, preventing accidentally opening the project.
  9. Storeys: Staircases from one storey below are now visible in the current storey, allowing you to accurately continue staircase flights with reference to the storey below.
  10. Staircase: Clicking the staircase icon now immediately loads the default straight flight, ensuring a seamless experience.
  11. Selection: Orbiting near the top right corner of the canvas no longer causes unintended selection of all tools with a blue highlight, ensuring correct behavior of the orbit function.

Data Integrity and Functionality Fixes:

  1. Split: Splitting no longer fails when the user copies a storey and updates the label of an arc mass.
  2. Storey Copy: After changing the storey height, copying the storey now automatically fits into the defined storey height, preventing the copying process from breaking.
  3. Views: Thumbnails of views now get updated after editing the model, ensuring accurate representation.
  4. Draw & Split: Fixed an issue where drawing an arc mass would split the mass instead of drawing.
  5. Areas: Site area numbers are now displayed with comma separators for improved readability.
  6. Dimension Tool: Dimension tool now consistently allows selection of dimensions at all times.
  7. Render: Saved views in a render can now be exported without issues.
  8. Export: Exporting files from Snaptrude now accurately updates the export progress bar percentage in real time.
  9. View Mode/Style: View Mode changes (like Monochrome mode) are consistent on refresh, eliminating the issue where changes would revert to default settings.
  10. Areas: Fixed an issue where Area values were shown on all masses even without hovering on the masses in 2D.