February 2, 2024


Fixes: Autosave, Undo and Labels

What's in this post?

We listen closely to our users, and these fixes directly address their existing pain points. Moving a step closer towards a bug-free product and a smoother designing experience.
-Spoorthi Narayan, Product Specialist

With this release, we've addressed a number of critical issues, ensuring a seamless workflow and a better user experience:

Autosave error prompts:

  1. Moving an object after copying it onto a storey no longer triggers an autosave error.
  2. Autosave error is no longer triggered by copying a storey below and then copying the parent object.
  3. Moving a furniture snapped to a floor away from the floor no longer triggers an autosave error or file crash.
  4. The displayed areas remain accurate when editing common edges of masses, and do not become zero. Users can now easily edit masses without encountering last save errors.

Fixes to Undo/Redo:

  1. Undo/Redo along with orbit, pan, zoom performed multiple times in quick succession no longer triggers an autosave error.
  2. Undo and Redo now correctly changes mass properties after updating the labels.
  3. Fixed an issue where the view would automatically switch to 2D after deleting an image and performing undo.
  4. Undo on deleting a door or window on a rotated wall correctly maintains alignment with the wall.
  5. Locked doors on deleted walls now remain locked after undo, preventing unintended door movement.

Fixes to Smart Labels:

  1. Shortcut keys no longer automatically add labels to masses; labels are triggered only by double-clicking on the mass.
  2. Pressing 'Esc' now reverts the mass label back to default, avoiding incomplete labels on the mass.
  3. The mass label, when typed as 'office,' remains consistent on hover and does not automatically change to 'office block.'
  4. Pressing Ctrl+A during label editing no longer adds the letter 'A' to the label.
  5. Clicking the show button in 2D now displays objects only for the corresponding storey, addressing the previous issue of showing objects from every storey on that storey.

Other important fixes:

  1. Autocomplete: Drawing a beam no longer automatically autocompletes around a slab upon hitting Enter; it now functions as intended.
  2. Imperial Units: Editing dimensions in feet and inches no longer deletes the entire text upon backspacing and typing; users can now selectively modify the desired text on the canvas.
  3. Slab on Void: Drawing a slab within the void of another slab no longer results in the slab being converted to a mass; it now correctly displays as a slab.
  4. Furniture Rotation: Replacing a furniture with another no longer causes rotation along the green axis; the replacement now maintains the correct rotation.
  5. Automate tool: The right panel of the automate tool no longer closes automatically after changing external wall thickness and clicking internal wall thickness; users can now seamlessly modify various parameters without the panel closing after each interaction.