January 10, 2024


Camera Improvements

What's in this post?

As designers, navigating our models smoothly is crucial. We understand that every click and scroll matters. This release is all about giving you the power to navigate your projects with complete control and precision. From better orbiting and optimized zoom speeds to eliminating camera jumps, we've revamped navigation to feel effortless.
-Spoorthi Narayan, Product Specialist

What’s New

Better Controlled navigation of models

We've revamped navigation to feel smooth and responsive, enhancing the experience of virtually exploring a project. Zoom, pan and orbit to view objects from different distances and angles, whether you're working on large masterplans, or navigating tight corridors. With optimized zoom speeds, you can explore your designs with surgical precision, and effortlessly walk teams and clients through your project in real time.
  • Orbiting around an anchor point or a pivot has been fine tuned. Pivot size and speed is now more standard and does not change in the duration of the project. The rotation speed responds intuitively to your movements while navigating through various parts of your project.
  • When handling sharp turns, orbiting is now more controlled and intuitive. Zoom, pan and orbit speeds have been optimized in the negative storeys and in different quadrants of the canvas.
  • Responsive speed control as per user needs - faster at far away distances and slower when its closer to the model. The zoom speed responds intuitively to your movements, irrespective of scale of the project.
  • Smooth transition of zooming levels. Scrolling is better controlled without any camera jumps.
  • Previously, a blank canvas would appear upon clicking on the 3D toggle for the first time after opening a project. We have now defaulted it to a zoom extents view of the model.
  • The white space around the model in the zoom extents state has been optimized.
  • Navigation of spaces in the interiors of a room at eye level has been improved. The view range has been optimized especially for pan and zoom, to make navigation in tight spaces more smooth and predictable.

What We’ve Improved

Improvements to zoom, pan and orbit tools have been optimized to fit your existing workflows in other tools. Navigation has also been made incredibly smoother, along with other fixes.
  • Zoom now works effortlessly with other tools like Draw, Move and Edit in 2D view, ensuring seamless functionality.
  • Improvements have been made to zooming in and out in orthographic views to make it more predictable and responsive.
  • We've addressed instances of texture flickering, particularly during zoom interactions with specific objects.
  • Ortho mode selection has been refined to ensure complete model inclusion. Marquee selection now accurately captures all slabs and masses in Ortho mode.
  • Zoom extents now encompass the entirety of copied storeys, ensuring all model objects are visible and accessible. It also reliably handles large CAD imports, ensuring complete visibility.
  • We've optimized view navigation for all zoom angles, eliminating sluggishness even with large areas.
  • We've streamlined model navigation to maintain smooth performance even after extensive object manipulation.
  • Orbit functionality has been refined, allowing you to pivot around selected objects for granular examination. Orbiting is smooth and consistent in all directions, eliminating any speed discrepancies.
  • Unexpected camera jumps have been eliminated, ensuring seamless navigation across all model quadrants.

General Fixes

  • Interiors now remain hidden when toggling between orthographic and perspective modes.
  • Locked objects can now be measured.
  • Export doors and windows with ft-in suffixes for accurate model exchange.
  • Measure the distance between internal wall edges for accurate spatial analysis.
  • Dimension line snaps stay attached to objects even after canceled move operations.
  • See furniture edges clearly in monochrome view for enhanced design clarity.
  • Duplicated materials remain conveniently located next to their origins.
  • Using Ctrl+A in 2D now only selects objects in the current storey.
  • Filter selection of storeys are consistent with the selected storeys.
  • Split floors multiple times without encountering the ‘Split failed’ error.
  • All facade elements, regardless of shape, are correctly positioned below slabs for accurate model representation.
  • You can now change the label, copy the object and edit the original mass.
  • Use Ctrl+Up for accurate and reliable storey duplication.
  • You can now easily measure Images, PDFs and CAD imports on canvas, using the Measure tool.
  • Autocomplete works seamlessly while drawing both slabs and masses, saving you time and effort.