August 16, 2022

Making Real Estate Real Easy with Snaptrude | SquareYards

Snaptrude Editorial Desk

Case Summary

SquareYards, the Indian Proptech giant, wanted to improve real-estate search and discovery experience through an interactive 3D platform that it calls the 'real estate metaverse'. Given the scale of the project, they approached Snaptrude to develop digital assets at an accelerated pace. Here is a summary of what we helped SquareYards achieve.

Results achieved by Squareyards with the help of Snaptrude.

The Client

SqaureYards is one of the fastest growing Proptech platforms in India and worldwide. It's integrated Real Estate and Mortgage platform covers the entire real-estate journey from discovery to post-sales services. SquareYards uses the latest in technology to disrupt a rather traditional marketplace.

The Challenge

SquareYards was developing an interactive 3D real-estate search & discovery tool to improve customer experience. The platform helps customers visualize entire neighborhoods in a 3D environment before scheduling inspections. To ensure the success of its 'metaverse' platform, SquareYards had to create thousands of 3D assets in a short period of time. This meant clearing a backlog of thousands of properties already listed on the website, plus new ones added every day.

The company had outsourced designers to develop the 3D models using industry standard tools like Sketchup, Blender and 3DS Max. However, this process was highly unscalable with an average lead time of one model per day per designer. SquareYards wanted a scalable yet cost effective solution that would help generate 3D assets quickly.

The Solution

SquareYards replaced the existing roster of tools with Snaptrude and employed our network of freelance Architects to develop their 3D assets.

Snaptrude is built with parametric modelling and automation capabilities, helping Architects visualize concepts rapidly. For example, the "create building" feature converts a massing model into a detailed BIM model in a single click. Snaptrude also generates area statements automatically, saving many hours of manual work for designers. Hence, Snaptrude's core modelling capabilities alone helped SquareYards scale asset production multifold.

A project being designed on Snaptrude for SquareYards

Finally, we also deployed a custom plugin to export the models to custom formats that would help seamlessly transfer model data to the client portal. The custom plugin allowed the team to export the models in .glTF and .FBX formats. Exporting to .glTF improved the processing speeds of the model while retaining critical geometric and material data. Additionally, it also minimized model sizes for best viewing experience on the web. Snaptrude was able to provide an end to end solution that not only utilized our product OOB but also provided the tailored solutions to fast-track the client's workflow.

SquareYard's interactive real-estate discovery platform powered by Snaptrude

The Results

  • Snaptrude improved turnaround time by 8X and reduced the overall cost of production by ~80%
  • Being a web-based solution, Snaptrude helped cut down hardware and software licensing costs by ~40%
  • SquareYards successfully deployed 4000+ 3D models in a short duration.
  • The client saw a decrease in 3D asset size, improving project load time and visitor experience
  • SquareYards saw an improvement in the quality of the 3D assets.
  • Snaptrude helped seamlessly integrate the assets into their interactive platform through custom solutions, saving the team many hours.