August 16, 2022

Commercial Testfits Delivered in 90mins | Brigade Group

Case Summary

The Brigade Group, a leading property developer in India, wanted to reduce the turnaround time for commercial testfits significantly. To do this, they realised that the client-facing sales team had to be empowered to make minor design changes without the intervention of the design team to speed up decision-making. 

With Snaptrude, Brigade achieved the following:

Results achieved by the Brigade Group with the help of Snaptrude

The Client

The Brigade Group is one of the largest property developers in India, with well over 70 million sqft of developed space across the country. Their portfolio boasts developments across diverse property segments, including commercial, residential, retail and hospitality. They recently launched their own co-working brand 'BuzzWorks' with a portfolio of over 5 million sqft.

The Challenge

Post-COVID 19, developers have turned to technology to improve communication with buyers and operational efficiency. With the Brigade Group's commercial arm growing steadily, the company decided to enhance its processes with technology.

One area that needed improvement was the design proposal-sale journey. Testfits are vital to strike a deal as the client gets an idea of costs and design before committing to the project.

Brigade's design team was already handling multiple projects at various stages of development. The team used industry-standard tools like AutoCAD and Excel, taking three days to one week to deliver a testfit. Revision requests added more days of work for each potential client.

For the sales team, it meant that they would spend more time before finalizing the deal. Brigade realized that the only way to reduce the timeline was by empowering the sales team to handle a part of the design process and speed up negotiation.

The Solution

Brigade introduced Snaptrude to the sales team as a replacement for their standard communication channels. Snaptrude is both a design tool and a collaboration tool that allows users to design and communicate on the same platform. The software is simple enough for anyone to get the hang of it in a few hours. In a few days, we could onboard the entire team on Snaptrude.

Usually, when a client raises a request for proposal (RFP), Brigade would assign a designer to create the testfit. With the new process in place, the salesperson would take up this task. The idea was to give the client an understanding of space and costs to speed up negotiation, not the final design.

Using Snaptrude to create commercial testfit and office layouts in minutes.
Commercial Testfits Created Rapidly with Snaptrude

Snaptrude's easy-to-use object library and modelling tools helped develop a testfit rapidly. The sales team could generate cost estimates and area statements in a single click with Snaptrude's automation tools.

BoQ of a Commercial Interior Project Auto-Generated on Snaptrude
BoQ of a Commercial Interior Project Auto-Generated on Snaptrude

Since Snaptrude is entirely cloud-based, sharing models with teams is very simple. With the collaboration tools, busy clients could review proposals on their phones and leave comments, removing the need for emails, phone calls and WhatsApp. It even allowed the salesperson to tackle revisions and changes in real-time during a client meeting.

The ability to generate a building information model (BIM) in minutes helped the sales team provide clients with more information in no time.

The Results

  • Brigade reduced the sales cycle to a few days instead of weeks.
  • The sales team delivered preliminary testfits with costs in 90 minutes, i.e. ~90% faster than the previous workflow. 
  • The workload for the design team decreased, helping them focus on ongoing projects instead. 
  • With sales handling testfit, customer validation significantly improved, helping the sales team focus on the right customers.
  • Snaptrude helped cut hardware and software license costs by ~40% as a web-based design solution.