February 2, 2020

Top 15 Instagram Handles Every Architect Should Follow

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Architects are constantly seeking creative inspiration around them. And, it’s so easy to find inspiring accounts on Instagram since it’s a visual platform. No wonder then that it’s the most popular social media channel for artists, visualisers, architects and the creative fraternity. Just scrolling through iconic designs, coming across new nuggets of information and reading about other architects’ thought process can help you form new ideas.

So, we’ve curated a list of fifteen Instagram accounts that every architect would love to see on their feed.

Quick Summary

  1. Arch Digest
  2. Design Milk
  3. Design Boom
  4. Arch Daily
  5. D.Signers Magazine
  6. Dezeen
  7. Architecture Hunter
  8. Dwell Magazine
  9. Modern Architect
  10. Architect and Design
  11. Amazing Architecture
  12. Architizer
  13. Archilovers
  14. SuperArchitects
  15. The Best New Architects

1. Arch Digest - @archdigest


Number of Followers: 5.1 million

Why Follow?
The popular classic architecture magazine, Architectural Digest’s insta account is a buzzing feed. From a peek into celebrity houses, concepts of the masters of architecture to unconventional design destinations, Arch Digest offers daily inspo for your thoughts.

2. Design Milk - @designmilk


Number of Followers: 3.1 million

Why Follow?
Inspiration comes in all forms and the handle of Design Milk is a great antidote on days when you are facing a creative block. It is simply dedicated to experimental modern design – be it product design, furniture design, architecture design, interior design, textile design, home solution design or lighting design. Design Milk can easily become your go-to handle for an idea-packed start to the day.

3. DesignBoom - @designboom


Number of Followers: 2.6 million

Why Follow?
DesignBoom is the world’s first digital magazine for architecture, art and technology. The interesting editorial brand attracts artists, indoor and outdoor space designers as well as geeks to its Instagram handle. Video interviews with the most recognized architects, colossal sculptures and quirky work from the animation industry, come together to celebrate all things design on their page.

4. Arch Daily - @archdaily


Number of Followers: 2.5 million

Why Follow?
The Instagram account of one of the most popular architecture media sites, ArchDaily covers architects’ latest works from around the globe. Also, their Insta Stories are quite engaging, with quizzes and educational content that a lot of architects would look forward to, for staying up-to-date.

5. D.Signers Magazine - @d.signers


Number of Followers: 2.5 million

Why Follow?
You will find a rich source of video content and albums in the architecture and home decor space. D.Signers’ Instagram page is a melting pot of transformed spaces, unique ideas and artwork to get your creative cells ticking. Their Insta Stories are interesting and range across highlights of architects’ lives, content around meeting new artists, updates on products, quizzes, Q&As and blogs.

6. Dezeen - @dezeen


Number of Followers: 2.3 million

Why Follow?
One of the most popular architecture and design magazines has an equally exciting Instagram handle. Here, you can find a variety of content – new architectural projects from the eastern and western part of the world, news, event updates and technology trends. Their IGTV videos can give you a closer look at some concepts that are doing the rounds in the industry.

7. Architecture Hunter - @architecture_hunter


Number of Followers: 2.1 million

Why Follow?
This digital media start-up in the architecture space began as an Instagram page itself. It creates interactive content that works as a visual inspiration board for architects. From documentaries about the top architects, inspiring stories and project highlights, Architecture Hunter’s feed has something for every kind of architect. The Instagram stories also have an interesting mix of content like Before and After visuals of cities and spaces, a highlighted story for the Pritzker Prize and one for giveaways.

8. Dwell Magazine - @dwellmagazine


Number of Followers: 1.8 million

Why Follow?
Architects, industrial designers and innovators have something to look forward to on the Dwell Magazine’s Instagram account. Being one of the best magazines in the architecture space, its social media page offers architectural listings from all parts of U.S.A and beyond, stories about modern homes and products. There are also travel and design news-related elements in their content for enthusiasts.

9. Modern Architect - @modern.architect


Number of Followers: 1.8 million

Why Follow?
It’s an Instagram handle that has a light-hearted and interactive take on architecture. It showcases inspiring works globally but also ensures a high engagement rate from its followers, garnering lots of comments. Regular caption contests and giveaways offer more incentive to architects to engage with Modern Architect Magazine’s page. An interesting section is their highlighted story on Sketches which features architectural sketches of followers from around the world.

10. Architect and Design - @architectandesign


Number of Followers: 1.7 million

Why Follow?
From fun facts about popular architecture marvels to videos against the backdrop of major buildings that capture not just the architecture but also people’s experiences, Architect and Design is a must-follow page for architects. Its fun, relatable and conversational content is dotted with memes, project listings and exciting user interactions.

11. Amazing Architecture - @amazing.architecture


Number of Followers: 1.6 million

Why Follow?
A potpourri of contemporary architectural concepts, art and home decor is what best describes the Insta handle of Amazing Architecture. Magnificent photography of architectural spaces makes their posts stand out from the rest and gives a new meaning to visual storytelling.

12. Architizer - @architizer


Number of Followers: 1.5 million

Why Follow?
With technology in architecture, product focus, highlighted projects of the week and architecture awards and challenges, Architizer’s Instagram handle has a lot going on. Whether you are a budding architect or a veteran, there’s something on this page for everyone. Follow them to get your creative juices flowing.

13. Archilovers - @archilovers


Number of Followers: 1.1 million

Why Follow?
People, project and news from the architectural world is what Archilovers is all about. Get inside the minds and works of popular architects from around the world as Archilovers features conversations with them regularly. They also display a fascinating listing of projects from all corners of the world.

14. Super Architects - @superarchitects


Number of Followers: 662k

Why Follow?
Think patterns, poetry in architecture and pretty engrossing stuff that millennials can easily relate to and find aspirational. Super Architects is a handle that is all that and a little more. One look at its feed shows how it promotes lateral thinking in the architecture and design space, making it a delight for the right-brained.

15. The Best New Architects - @the_best_new_architects


Number of Followers: 276k

Why Follow?
An interesting account because it focuses on user generated content and encourages young architects to submit their work to get featured. Adding it to your feed helps to stay inspired by the latest work of others, not necessarily popular but even lesser known architects from around the world.

So, hit follow and get ready for your daily inspo.

Note: The number of followers mentioned above are as per the count at the time of writing this blog.

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