January 5, 2020

How Architects can Leverage Snaptrude to Make Winning Presentations

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What's in this post?

What’s in this Blog?

  1. Lightning Fast Designing with Snaptrude
  2. 3D BIM in an Instant
  3. Experimentation
  4. Seamless Integration with CAD & BIM Tools

So, you’ve received a new client brief and are already visualizing different solutions in your head. Whether it is a villa or a skyscraper, your focus, on one hand, is on decoding the brief exhaustively and on the other hand, giving a beautiful shape to your concept. Because a brilliant presentation at the concept design stage can help you clinch the project. And, if you’ve already gotten the business, it can help you make a great second impression. Win-win either way!

But your clients are not always architects or interior designers. So, you want them to quickly understand your thought process, without confusing them with not-so-easy-to-decipher 2D plans or architectural jargon.

Enter Snaptrude.

It helps you in four ways during the concept design stage:

  1. Lightning Fast Designing
  2. 3D BIM in an Instant
  3. Experimentation
  4. Seamless Integration with CAD & BIM Tools

How Does It Do That?

1. Lightning Fast Designing:
Once you’ve gotten the brief or started the project, it requires turning around things very quickly. With deadlines to meet, you cannot rely on using multiple old-school tools during the concept design stage, that often do not talk to each other.

Snaptrude lets you design 10x faster by instantly converting your hand-drawn single line plan sketches into a presentable 3D model using Snaptrude’s patented automated technology. And, it does so in a matter of a few seconds!

This helps you test ideas as fast as you can imagine them.

Even if you come up with a better idea just 5 minutes before the client presentation, you can make it come to life with Snaptrude.

Snaptrude Concept Design Graphics
Snaptrude: Sketch to 3D Modelling in parametric

2. 3D BIM in an Instant:

One of the most important metrics of getting closer to winning the pitch is helping your client visualize your concept in as realistic a way as possible. Snaptrude makes it easy by converting your hand-drawn sketch into a 3D Building Information Model instantly, which is closer to the concrete version of your concept. You can represent components, scale, textures, materials and interior furnishings in a 3D view. And, this lets you not just market dazzling presentations to clients but also simplify communication with other stakeholders like interior designers and supervisors, during the development stage. Being a cloud-based platform, Snaptrude takes it one step further by letting you complete your projects seamlessly, from any part of the world, on any device.

3. Experimentation:

We get it that concept design is an iterative stage and you would want to present multiple options to the client, but also want to give shape to all your ideas quickly. Because Snaptrude accelerates conceptualization, it lets you experiment with any number of ideas you may have, breathing life-like elements into each one of them. This means it lets you focus on the art of architecture.

Snaptrude also cuts down the time taken for each iteration during the design process, significantly reducing project costs.

4. Seamless Integration with CAD & BIM Tools:

Some of the older generation CAD tools are incompatible with the current generation design development tools that are powered by BIM (Building Information Modeling) engines. So, you need to remodel your design again in these environments, which delays the design process even further.

Snaptrude integrates seamlessly with CAD tools to help you develop your ideas without any glitch, making it easy to adapt to.

How To Get Started With Snaptrude?

It’s really simple. No calculating metrics in an excel sheet or moving between different software.

There are three easy ways to start on Snaptrude:

  1. Upload a rough hand-drawn sketch and it will auto-detect
  2. Just use the pen tool from the top menu and draw a floor plan sketch
  3. Import your CAD file
Simply upload a sketch in Snaptrude to get your 3D model in minutes

Snaptrude is here to empower you with creative and data-driven designs that can be generated in no time. With Snaptrude, you can do a lot more with fewer resources and software tools.

Whether you are a seasoned architect or a young archipreneur with limited bandwidth, a simple and comprehensive tool like Snaptrude can help you turn around your pitch presentation.

And on a parting note, why use a tool that’s generic and for everyone – from game designers to automobile engineers, when you can use one that’s meant just for architects?

Disclaimer: No copyright infringement is intended. Please write to smita@snaptrude.com for any dispute.