September 23, 2022

How Architects can Consistently Deliver Better Buildings with Snaptrude

Gokul Easwaran
Technology Consultant | Marketing Lead

What's in this post?

What's in this Blog?

  • What are Architectural assets?
  • Benefits of Asset Management in Architecture Practice
  • Snaptrude's asset management system for building design

What are Architectural assets?

One of the reasons why some architecture firms can maintain the quality of their design is through robust asset management, especially digital assets. Assets are the processes, knowledge bases, standards, or policies for your firm that employees can follow. Assets can be digital or physical. For example, CAD templates or 3D object libraries are digital assets, while material samples or office stationery are physical assets. Even the project team is an asset!

In this article, we'll explore how Snaptrude's asset management system helps Architects deliver better buildings faster.

Benefits of asset management in Architecture practice

Asset management is organizing assets to help teams easily find and use them in a project. Some research indicates that teams waste significant time just searching for things, which amounts to many weeks in a year!

A robust asset management system can add many benefits to firms, not limited to:

Quicker turnaround times

Teams with access to high-quality assets to reuse take less time to create deliverables, thus freeing up time for a better design.

Improved Quality & Consistency

High-quality assets tend to be reused more often, ensuring that the final output is also of high standards. When teams use standardized assets and templates, it makes deliverables easier to predict. They are more consistent in creating positive value for all stakeholders.


Good asset management can lead to a positive ROI by avoiding re-work. Teams can focus on work that matters instead of re-creating something that already exists in the organization but is not accessible!

Snaptrude's asset management system for building design

Existing users of Snaptrude have always appreciated our default library of thousands of parametric objects. It helped them visualize designs quickly & win clients. However, sharing a growing library of objects with a team was impossible. To solve this, we worked with some of the best designers to create a user-friendly asset manager.

Very soon, Snaptrude users will be able to manage teams and the digital assets required by these teams. This includes an architectural material library and an object library. The asset manager, combined with Snaptrude's extensive automation features, enables teams to deliver even faster. 

Teams and Workspace

Users will continue to have access to their project dashboard to manage & share projects. Now we're also introducing a team workspace to manage projects and assets better. Teams share a dashboard where projects common to that team are displayed. 

Team admins get control of who does what by using our hyper-granular access control panel. Users can be assigned any of the default four permission levels - Admin, Creator, Editor, or Viewer. Admins can also create new roles if the existing ones don't suffice!

Asset Library

Every team can now share a standard library of materials & 3D objects. This enables teams to establish their library even before they begin a project. We've always kept BIM at the heart of Snaptrude, which is also valid with our asset management system. Users with the appropriate permissions can now upload materials, furniture, and other objects with data. 

By default, things uploaded on Snaptrude come with standard physical and functional properties like dimensions, names, categories, etc. Users can also specify manufacturer and price details, which ties into Snaptrude's automated BoQ. It lets designers see the impact of adding/removing elements like furniture, doors, or windows on costs in real-time.

With this release version, users can import Revit objects as .fbx and SketchUp objects in its standard .skp format. The shared asset library also works great with the Revit Bi-Directional link, where Revit models can be imported to Snaptrude with the data, modified, and synced back to Revit. You can learn more here

The Revit bi-directional link combined with the asset manager can completely change how teams work in a BIM workflow. It dramatically boosts delivery time and project quality from start to finish. These will be available to all Snaptrude users very soon. However, you can see it in action by booking a demo with us. To stay updated on the release, ensure you've signed up to Snaptrude.