May 12, 2020

Changing face of Architecture in COVID-19

Snaptrude Editorial Desk

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Coronavirus lockdowns will bring about intense changes in the way Architects and the entire AEC industry works and thinks. Here is a conversation that Snaptrude had with some of the famous and senior architects regarding the topic. During the conversation, they shared their perspectives on how things will change going forward. Architects Madhav Raman, Gayathri Shetty, Suman Paul, Ajay Koshy, and John Carrick spoke about what they fear and anticipate in this era of the pandemic.

Architect Madhav Raman discussed some very deep fundamental changes that might take root in the world of Architecture Design. He also highlighted that this time is not all bad and there is a silver lining to it, which we all should look forward to.

“The nature of the scale of the pandemic is such that it’s going to entail certain more fundamental changes in the design process” – Madhav Raman.

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Architect Gayathri Shetty says that things might slow down for a certain duration of time, in the construction industry, however, it’s important to be optimistic and hang on. Her advice to the architectural community in the current situation is to continue with the design work, close the existing work at a faster rate, and not just wait for clients.

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Head of Design at the Brigade Group, Architect Ajay Koshy warns that the current situation is critical for the AEC community. Therefore, it’s important to keep upgrading your skills by learning new tools that help in the Work-from-Home scenario and also break the monopoly of the legacy tools.

“We are in a very critical situation and the economy is going to go through major changes”. Says Ajay Koshy, Head of Design at Brigade.

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Architect Suman Paul of DKP Architects speaks of a need for being more and more intelligent in the current scenario. He talks about how we are in a crisis situation and at risk of becoming redundant if we don’t evolve with technology.

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Architectural Technologist John Carrick from Evolve Design Technology at UK, interestingly talks about creating a mix of the new and old to survive in the COVID era. He speaks of using old products that architects already know of in synergies with the newly launched ones that are far more smart and automated. He speaks of Snaptrude as one of the new tools on his radar.

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We will continue this conversation series as the situation changes. One thing that was common among every discussion was a need for getting on to new tech that can help fill the many gaps created by Covid-19 in the AEC community’s usual work environment. There is a need for collaboration tools and of course comprehensive design tools as well.

It was an honor for Snaptrude to share space with such established architects. We also asked Architect Gayathri Shetty about her views on Snaptrude since she has seen and tried it out and here is what she said:

We are really humbled and we thank Architect Gayathri Shetty for her words of encouragement.
Also, here is an interview with one of the Snaptrude users about his experience of working with Snptrude:

Our vision is to help architects achieve their dreams and if you are curious to know how Snaptrude works then do book a demo with us over here.

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