Snaptrude x ARES Commander


A collaborative building design tool with automated BIM creation.

ARES Commander

A CAD software capable of automatically turning a BIM into construction drawings.

Snaptrude + ARES Commander

Automated BIM meets automated CAD: a seamless way to go from design to BIM to construction drawing.

“The combined, unitized workflow commencing in Snaptrude and concluding in ARES Commander offers a multitude of time- and effort-saving benefits to users.”

Realtime Collaboration

Collaborate in real-time with stakeholders and manage your project on any device.

Detailed Drawing Creation

Turn your 3D model into detailed plans, elevations, and sections.

Intelligent BIM

No need to set up properties each time with auto BIM, Smart Storeys, Sketch to BIM, and other automations.

Automated Annotations

Automatically set up dimensions, level tags and other labels.

Design better buildings together.