Streamline your process with Snaptrude.

Explore feasibility and customize calculations based on your city regulations within minutes and streamline projections at the earliest stage of planning.

the Modern Way

Feasibility Studies

Figure out viability and decide which sites to invest in at the earliest stages of your project.


Quickly evaluate various built mixes and create development plans before onboarding an architect on your project.

Manage costs

Keep track of BoQs and associated budget from feasibility to actualization stage of the design process.

Bring Site Layouts
to life

Site data

Access real world data including sun path, 3D elevation maps and neighborhood in one space.

Automated BoQs

Snaptrude generates accurate BoQs in real time as you make design changes.

Smart Storeys

Snaptrude assigns storeys to objects automatically as they are created, moved or edited.

Snaptrude is the top choice for Real Estate Developers


Ensure everyone is on the same page by sharing models between architects, interior designers and other stakeholders in real-time.


Customize calculations based on city regulations and build compliance-ready designs, without ever leaving Snaptrude.

Manage costs

Accurate, detailed BoQ for every aspect of construction, including structure, finishes, fenestration and more. Customize the BoQ to your organization's requirements.
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Projects Designed with Snaptrude

# Our Users Love Snaptrude

Snaptrude is bang in the middle of SketchUp & Revit and the intuitive user experience is very compelling. Snaptrude works extremely well to generate the building structure for extensions, renovations, etc in a matter of few minutes with material takeouts.
Giridhar K
I was impressed with the way Snaptrude is shaping up. Congratulations on creating such a great product that architects can use. I was hoping for something better than Sketchup and simpler than Revit. It is also a web platform and I can use on Mac.
Stan Fowler
Principal at SF Architect
I drew the crappy sketch and generated a BIM from it. They are on to something here.
Clifton Harness
Co-founder of Testfit.io
Unlike existing workflow, Snaptrude removes the friction from design process and makes it quick & easy. We find Snaptrude to be a better alternative for what we are doing with Autodesk Building Design suite today in terms of our current workflow.
It’s such a simple tool and really would be helpful for architects across different age groups. For senior architects to really do their sketches and their concept design and share it with the studio so detailing can happen to a greater extent. Snaptrude is really something that should become mainstream.
Gayatri Shetty
Principal at GNA
Snaptrude is an impressive tool for Architects and builders.
Chirag Dedhia
Director at Studio4 Consultants Pvt. Ltd.
Really Awesome product! Makes life easier for architects and designers.. Well done team!!
Sunder Jagannathan
Square Yards
Really. Such software are needed in this field, so that we spend more time designing (and obsessing over details, ofc.) and less time doing comparatively trivial things, which take up more of, instead. Tell me again,   this   software   does   the estimation, too, for you?
Harjot Singh
I believe Snaptrude is exactly what we need in the design industry, with carefully thought out features that eliminate tedious repetitive steps and calculations that we usually spend a huge chunk of time on. Snaptrude's extremely user friendly interface along with the fact that it's cloud based makes it so fun and easy to use!
Aishwarya Arun

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