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Interior Layouts come to life faster with Snaptrude.

Interior designers use Snaptrude to collaborate with teams & clients and deliver interior layouts in record time. Quickly visualize projects, manage libraries & create high-quality presentations.

Accurate 2D layouts,

Bring Interior Layouts
to life

Automated BoQs

Snaptrude generates accurate BoQs in real time as you make design changes.

Parametric Design

Snaptrude automatically edits your models parametrically based on any spatial changes you make.

Auto dimensions

Floor plans are dimensioned automatically, with room internal sizes and fenestration locations.

Snaptrude is the top choice for Interior Designers

Quick presentations

Create stunning presentations in minutes with quick Building Information Models and an extensive material library.

Modular library

Snaptrude offers an extensive library of fenestration and furniture that can be customized to best represent the design style.

Manage costs

Snaptrude generates accurate BoQs in real time as you add or delete furniture and make other design changes.
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Projects Designed with Snaptrude

# Our Users Love Snaptrude

Snaptrude is such a simple software to create, visualize and present interior design options to our customers.
MD of Dhavich Interiors
Have been using Snaptrude for my freelance projects such a simple and easy software to work.
Freelance Interior Designer
I was impressed with the way Snaptrude is shaping up. Congratulations on creating such a great product that architects can use. I was hoping for something better than Sketchup and simpler than Revit. It is also a web platform and I can use on Mac.
Stan Fowler
Principal at SF Architect
Being a freelancer, Snaptrude made my life so much simple and easier. Everything is so simple to create and conceptualize especially interior design with their features such as auto interiors, mass to BIM and library components.
Freelance Interior Designer
Snaptrude offers me the flexibility and ease to quickly come up with multiple design options for my customer, the fact that I can simply copy and send the link to the customer for review is quite cool.
Prithiv Vignesh
Freelance Interior Designer
Snaptrude is an impressive tool for Architects and builders.
Chirag Dedhia
Director at Studio4 Consultants Pvt. Ltd.
Snaptrude has become my go-to tool for quick, accurate and beautiful designs in the last few months
Sakina Josh
Freelance Architect
Really. Such software are needed in this field, so that we spend more time designing (and obsessing over details, ofc.) and less time doing comparatively trivial things, which take up more of, instead. Tell me again,   this   software   does   the estimation, too, for you?
Harjot Singh
I drew the crappy sketch and generated a BIM from it. They are on to something here.
Clifton Harness
Co-founder at

Design Detailed Interior Layouts with Intelligent Insights.