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Architects deliver 10x faster with Snaptrude.

Architecture teams using Snaptrude, deliver high-quality designs consistently & save ~90% time in rework. Leverage powerful automation & collaboration tools to quickly bring original ideas to life.

Collaborate with your team directly on Snaptrude

For Residences

Go from hand drawn sketches to beautiful concept designs in a click and enjoy an extensive library of fenestration and furniture to best represent your design style, all within Snaptrude.

For Apartments

Automated storey creation & area calculation give you the best saleable area to common are ratio while always having data on hand, thanks to automated BIM by Snaptrude.

For Commercial

Design and build large commercial spaces with automation and generative design with room for customizations as per local regulations, without ever leaving Snaptrude.

Move 10x faster
with Actionable Insights

Smart Spaces

Simplify your massing to BIM journey by designing with spaces, rather than lines and walls. Parametric links between spaces enables easy visualisation of changes across the model.

Smart Labels

Snaptrude assigns complex properties to a space like height, appearance, furniture placements & more automatically with smart labels.

Intelligent BIM

No need to setup properties each time with auto BIM, Smart Storeys, Sketch to BIM & more automations built within Snaptrude.

Snaptrude is helping the Architechtural Design Industry.

In-house Collaboration

Ensure everyone is on the same page by sharing models between architects, interior designers and other stakeholders in real-time.

Faster workflows

Snaptrude is an intuitive and intelligent BIM tool empowering architects with data-driven insights for quick decision making.


Import from AutoCAD, SketchUp, Rhino, Revit & export directly into Revit, with complete parametric family information, with no data loss.
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Projects Designed with Snaptrude

# Our Users Love Snaptrude

I hope you will develop it further to a full-fledged software as a replacement for legacy software. The existing software are 20yrs old and confined to windows workstations. We need the next generation tools to innovate and disturb.
Stan Fowler
Principal at SF Architect
It’s extremely easy to use, there’s no need for hundreds of pages of manuals or training sessions. For me it's amazing because I work a lot on complicated software where even to draw a wall or roof you need to watch a lot of tutorials. On Snaptrude, you do a few clicks and you can see the result immediately. It’s not just a poor model, you have all the BIM components. It’s really easy and fast. You must use it to experience it.
Max Dediuhin
Really. Such software are needed in this field, so that we spend more time designing (and obsessing over details, ofc.) and less time doing comparatively trivial things, which take up more of, instead. Tell me again,   this   software   does   the estimation, too, for you?
Harjot Singh
Snaptrude, is user-oriented, far more affordable and highly intuitive. It simplifies the design process, eliminates time-consuming mundane tasks and most importantly brings back the joy into the design process.
Diya Ibrahim
They are into something which has intuitiveness along with promise of productivity.
Suman Paul
Principal at DKP Architects
I believe Snaptrude is exactly what we need in the design industry, with carefully thought out features that eliminate tedious repetitive steps and calculations that we usually spend a huge chunk of time on. Snaptrude's extremely user friendly interface along with the fact that it's cloud based makes it so fun and easy to use!
Aishwarya Arun
Impressive software, took the designing process to another level, from concept development to an end product. Makes the process easier to work on.
Monica Kumar
It’s such a simple tool and really would be helpful for architects across different age groups. For senior architects to really do their sketches and their concept design and share it with the studio so detailing can happen to a greater extent. Snaptrude is really something that should become mainstream.
Gayatri Shetty
Principal at GNA
Snaptrude is an impressive tool for Architects and builders.
Chirag Dedhia
Director at Studio4 Consultants Pvt. Ltd.

Go from Sketch to BIM on a single platform, 10X faster!